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Futuraskolan International Bergtorp offers Grade 6-9. Starting fall 2018 in Grade 6,  the school will start the transition towards becoming a  bilingual school. Fully implemented this means that our students’ lessons will be conducted approximately 50% in English and 50% in Swedish. We follow the Swedish National Curriculum and in addition we also utilize the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). With the IMYC, students are constantly developing and strengthening their skills as well as their knowledge and deeper understandings while broadening their world-wide perspective.

We also make sure that our teachers who work in English and Swedish have their working language as a native language. It is important that the students meet and use both languages ​​daily in different everyday situations, not just during class time.

This helps us fulfill our vision of being “the best stepping stone for future world citizens.”

Futuraskolan International Bergtorp offer three different profiles:

  • Music – Ensemble or Drama
  • International Communication
  • Sports and Health and Special Sports

In the music profile, students develop their talents in music and drama, sing in school choirs, participate in various concerts and in year 9 perform a musical where the students themselves have written the script and music.

International communication

In International Communication, we will work with focus on different areas of communication. We vary verbal and written communication with expressions in photo, image and advertising. We want to give our students an opportunity to broaden their perspectives by looking into the world through various projects in the form of school collaborations and exchanges and other projects where we learn how people live their lives in other countries.

Sports and Health and Special Sports

The school collaborates with various sports associations in Täby. Students who choose special athletes may exercise their sport during school hours in order to develop their skills. We offer football, basketball, badminton, floorball, figure skating and tennis.
In physical education, students can try out a variety of sports and at the same time act as coaches for the sports team that participate in various tournaments.

Admission to our profiles:

For the Sports and Health profile, admission tests are conducted by the schools Physical Education teacher in cooperation with instructors from sports associations in Täby. Students applying to the Music and Ensemble profile meet one of our music teachers to sing and / or play one or two optional songs / music pieces and remedy some rhythms and mimic some melodies. For the International Communication profile, Queue time and Sibling preference is the selection principle. Sibling preference is only applied if two or more applicants apply to the school at the same time.

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Fredag - Vecka 34

Ört- och vitlökskorv från Stommen lång, serveras med rostad potatis & tomatsås
Ärtbiffar med serveras med rostad potatis & tomatsås

Torsdag - Vecka 34

Vegetarisk Pad thai Tofu med tillbehör

Onsdag - Vecka 34

“Veckans fångst” Ugnsstekt med krispigt chilitäcke serveras med rostad potatis och kall dipsås
Het gratäng på broccoli & hirsbiffar, serveras med rostad potatis och kall dipsås

Tisdag - Vecka 34

Chicken Fajitas med tillbehör
Fajitas med chilistekta Veggie-bites & tillbehör

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Korv Stroganoff med ris
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